Why the questions?

You’re probably thinking, “why all the questions?”; or, “what kind of person spends a year answering questions about themselves, isn’t that vain? Egotistical? Obsessive?”. Truthfully, I may be a little of all three, but this blog is an attempt to answer questions about myself that I wouldn’t usually be asked, and to hold myself accountable to write every single day for a whole year.

Why is that a big deal? What’s the real story here?

I used to keep a diary every day. Not just quick notes about things that I did, but pages and pages of extensive detail on my hopes, dreams, thoughts, and opinions. Looking back through those books I can tell exactly who I was when I was 14, 15, 16, even 20. I even got my undergraduate degree in creative writing, spending four years doing nothing but drink tea and write. But now, nearly ten years after I started my degree, and living half way around the world, I don’t find the time to write a shopping list. Tragic.

I do, on an optimistic note, still drink a lot of tea. There are habits that are hard to break, and habits which are impossible to break. My caffeine addiction, slowly cultivated from aged two (drinking milky tea from a two-handled sippy cup), is undeniably the latter.

This experiment is a voyage of self discovery in a year that my conspiracy loving husband would have me believe is our last… If people stumble across it and stop awhile to read, I’d be flattered and humbled.


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