Why must you love someone enough to let them go?

Oh sweet, dear blog, how totally adorable of you to think that I MUST do anythibg. You see, Internet, I have learner over the last ten months that there is nothing that I must do other than provide for, and care for, my beloved family.

For this reason I deem your question false. Nothing dictates that I absolutely must let my loved ones goes. I suppose I have always taken the expression to be aggressive : one forcing ones loves ones out due to some intrinsic belief that they will eventually be better off.

Tonight I lay awake half insomniac, half anxiety ridden fiend, listening to my lovely husbands breathing. Over the last few weeks I would have been a mess without him and his support ; a complete mess. As a result of this I take offence that I would assumedly “let him go “. I hate to be contrary but there is nothing I wouldn’t do to keel this man beside me right now…


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