What lifts your spirits when life gets you down?

When I first joined Pinterest many months – even years – ago, when it was an obscure website that only twenty-something women that baked had heard of, I came across the following picture. It was the first thing I pinned.

This “pin” summed up in an instant the way that I have felt about the world for most of my life, the most used of these methods being “the sea”. When I was sitting on the veranda looking out at the north sea, it’s currents and creeks tracing paths all the way to Scandinavia, I felt as though nothing could touch me. Since emigrating, I have always been able to lift my spirits or calm my mind by simply wishing myself back there – closing my eyes and imagining the cry of the seagulls, the sound of the waves.

Most specifically, I remember one morning when I was a teenager. My sister and I woke up to an especially high tide, the water being at least a third of the way up the embankment – merely a few feet from our front door. It was a bright, sunny day in early summer, and I remember that we took advantage of the cool, clear morning tide and went swimming. Through the water we could make out the concrete blocks of the bank, some still with beer bottles and candles in them (used for lighting as people stargazed).

This memory, however small, has been one that has carried me through many hard times.

Unfortunately, I think that there are moments in life that are impossible to cure, and that simply have to be endured and escaped from as quickly as possible. Having recently gone through one of the most trying times of my life, one of these impossible times, I have found it harder to conjure this memory when I need it. Instead, I have resorted to numbing my mind with television. Of course, this doesn’t really do a lot to to lift my spirits permanently, but it is a good distraction for me as a pass the time until I am able to rebuilt my spirit, and return back to the sea.


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