What is your number one goal for the next six months?

If I could list my goals for the next six months it would be the same as my goal was six months ago, or a year ago, or two years ago. Lose 10lbs (or make that 15 lbs). Write my novel. Go to church more. Go Home.

Now, I know that the last one isn’t going to happen, given that my new job won’t allow me true vacation time for six months of employment. So scratch that. As for losing 10 lbs, I’m working on that, but it’s a lot harder than I remember it. I worked out for the first time in months the other day and I have literally been hurting for the last three days, and not that “good sore”, either, I’m talking full body agony, laying awake at night finding it impossible to sleep type of pain. But I’m working on it. Maybe those 10lbs will be gone in six months time.

Writing my novel. Now, there’s a thought. I have so many stories in my head: stories that have been building up for decades, growing wings. I can’t write beginnings though, that’s my problem. Right now I have a sentence, it’s open on my desktop right now. It goes: “The death came before the despair: quiet and painless, a rattle of breath and something like a smile fading like the whistle of a kettle in an open, yawning night.”

After that I have nothing but a cursor and my imagination hyperventilating. I told my plot to my brother yesterday (I thought it was only decent, considering he is the motivation behind one of the key characters). I suppose now all I have to do is sit down a write it. I keep thinking about doing that “write a novel in november” thing, you know, what women do when men aren’t shaving for a month. But 1500 words a day seems a little far fetched, even for me. I suppose the only thing I have to lose is not finishing.

So maybe that’s my goal for the next six months. But if it’s not, then my goal is to drink less wine, drink more water, eat less chocolate (or just eat less in general).


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