What’s a belief that you hold with which many people disagree?

And so I’ve found myself at a point where I need to be totally, brutally honest. I am really not a very controversial person. Opinionated? Yes. A bit of a loud mouth? Frequently. Controversial? Erm, no.

My journey to middle-of-the-road-dom was pretty uninteresting, as you might imagine, and include everything magnolia from a middle class family to a 2:1 honours degree in Literature.

I’ve never been “Political”, even when I lived in a country where I could vote, and my only foray into political outrage was after watching “Brassed Off” as a teenager and getting terribly upset about the plight of the coalminers. After my blood pressured dropped and I realized I was over a decade too late to do anything to help, my political interest became dampened, and waned. Of course, I participated in the obligatory late night university conversations about all the things I was told I didn’t like. I had left wing friends and a right wing boyfriend (not hubs), which left me very much in political limbo. However, it was my sister that dyed her hair pink, sported a nose stud and an orange jumpsuit, and spent months at a time chaining herself to things. She’s lucky that she can pull off orange, I just know it would look terrible on me.

Over my adult years I developed a hybrid religious-political belief system that is impossible to really explain to anyone other than myself. I shy from conversations regarding my opinion on policies, especially now I live in a country where the political system is a foreign language to me, and I can’t vote anyway. However, social topics I do take a stronger line. Yes, Gay people should be able to get married, but I attend church (and think gay pastors are fine too). But that’s for another conversation.

But really, my beliefs are not extreme, white bread and butter type beliefs. I highly doubt I would ever find myself in a situation where I was the only person at a party with my belief on any one topic. There was a time when I wanted to be the person with the placard and the strong moral compass, staring into the eyes of Wall Street and laughing. But I’ve matured into gratitude for my tepid politics, if for no other reason than the fact that I know hands down that a picture of me in a jumpsuit will never surface on facebook!


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