What gets you excited about life?

Today’s question is about excitement…I would usually spend a good hour or so banging on about how much I hope I have for the world (this is actually a true fact, I have enormous faith in the human race). But, unfortunately, I have been battling a migraine since new year’s eve (hence the increasingly loopy posts), and the only thing that excites me right now is my heat pack, nyquil, and my new pottery barn duvet cover.

Hubs clearly does not understand “migraine rules”, and is watching a video on You Tube that sounds like Godzilla fighting predator, eating him, and then gargling him, which being narrated by a man that sounds like he’s swallowing nails. The most entertaining thing about watching my husband watch videos on his macbook is his constant narration; not happy to accept my feeble attempts for mercy (“I really don’t want to see that movie”), I get his internal monologue dictated: “Huh!” “That’s Badass” “Babe… Babe… look! Godzilla is driving a corvette” “I really want a corvette” “Batman could take on Godzilla, couldn’t you bud?” “We really should go see this movie”. Now, any married woman still in posession of her sanity and intellectual compass will likely identify with my response:


Although I don’t say that (except last night, but you can blame the meds, or lack of). I normally pat his hand and say “I think that’s a good movie to see with your dad, don’t you?”. He knows he’s never going to see that movie; it’s ok, though, because he does the same thing when I show him things on Pinterest that I’m never going to make. Similar deal. His response “Great idea, why don’t we go to Hobby Lobby and look for fabric” essentially means “Perfect, we can pick it up at the same time as our pet unicorn and bugatti veyron”. Marriage is a game of poker, when everyone knows that everyone is bluffing, but pretending you have an awesome hand is just so much fun.

In terms of getting me excited about life? I feel the question is mis-phrased, it should be “what keeps you excited about life?”. I’m an eternal optimist, and I’m lucky to have an amazing family, friends (even if they are on the other side of the world), husband, and puppy. Nothing keeps the faith in the human race as seeing grown men run over to my fifteen pound dachshund and say “ohmygodhe’ssocute”. This happens daily. Mainly because Batman happens to be the happiest, most adorably dog ever….


How could I possibly not be excited about life when that little face follows me everywhere I go?

Now, where’s my menthol?


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