When was the last time you tried something new?

What a fitting question for the start of a new year, and the start of this blog. The obvious answer would be that by answering these questions I am trying something new; however, that wouldn’t be entirely true. I had attempted to start many different blogs over the past four years, none of which I have been able to keep updated with much regularity. I am a self confessed creature of habit, and am reluctant to make any changes to my life. I was also fortunate to have a pretty adventurous upbringing, trying lots of different foods, hobbies, and destinations.

Ok, maybe it wasn’t the most diverse upbringing, but I accomplished a lot before I was twenty one. I’ve been to the worlds greatest music festival (Glastonbury 2003), dived, para-glided, travelled to Africa, learned a foreign language, played a competitive sport, and read (almost) every book on the BBC recommended book list.

But as I hover close to twenty seven, I’ve found the last four years have become routine. Everything I “cook” comes out of the freezer, my work colleagues can predict my lunch order, and I haven’t updated my Ipod since 2008. This is a true fact. Even my midwestern husband accuses me of being boring. Trying new things isn’t really “my thing”.

However, there are small glimmers of hope in the general magnolia of my life.

Photography is one of those clichéd hobbies for “Creative” people to take up in their twenties. I understand this, and I’m reconciled with it. I have many friends who are excellent photographers, and I’ve always envied them. I was also raised in an area of natural beauty, and, now I no longer live there, wish that I had more lasting photographs to keep with me. So this summer I decided to buy a DSLR camera (Nikon D500) and try to teach myself photography. I also thought it might be a good way to meet people in Kansas City, but I’ve yet to find a class that fits in with my schedule.

So far the whole thing terrifies me. Owing to my high self esteem issues, I had very high expectations of my natural ability. I was disappointed. My husband, who secretly thinks the whole thing is a waste of time, I think is waiting for me to “give up” and admit defeat, but I’m persevering. Ok, truthfully, I’m not outside every weekend finding interesting trees to take pictures of, but I did manage to take an awesome photo of my dog, Batman, in mid jump. I tried to upload it to this blog twice, but for some reason it’s not allowing me to edit the post, or showing any of the changes I have made.

Hopefully I can upload other photos into this blog later!


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